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In a world where financial stability and personal freedom are increasingly sought after, the path to achieving them can seem elusive. Real estate investment offers a tangible solution to these aspirations. It’s not just about acquiring property; it’s about strategically building assets that work for you, creating a steady stream of passive income and a robust financial portfolio. This approach to real estate is more than a mere investment – it’s a journey towards securing your future, enhancing your lifestyle, and leaving a lasting legacy. With the right guidance and insights, the complex world of property investment becomes a powerful tool in realizing your dreams.

How you Currently Feel

  • Work tirelessly and spend considerable time on your business
  • Feel vulnerable due to the unpredictable nature of your business
  • Afraid you haven’t done enough for retirement, know there must be a better way, and are seeking this path
  • High income professional who doesn’t have time to find and procure exclusive investments
  • Tired of stock market volatility, fees, taxes and lack of control
  • Seek to generate passive income to create financial stability
  • Desire to invest in real estate without the burden of active property management

Fairway Equites Approach: Live Life on Your Terms

  • Discover a clear path to financial freedom tailored to busy professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Skillfully diversify your investment portfolio
  • Earn regular passive income, monthly or quarterly
  • Benefit directly from real estate ownership
  • Enjoy freedom to spend time as you wish
  • Confidently diversify your assets beyond your business

Why Invest in Multifamily?

Multifamily real estate serves as a cornerstone investment due to its fundamental role in meeting the basic need for shelter. Unlike other types of investments that may be subject to fluctuations in consumer demand or technological advancements, the demand for housing remains constant. This stability is a key factor in driving consistent returns for multifamily properties, as they cater to an essential human need that transcends economic cycles. Multifamily investments diversify income streams across multiple units, stabilizing cash flow and mitigating vacancy impacts. This blend of tangible assets and economic resilience, combined with superior returns, growth potential, and consistent income, makes multifamily properties an attractive strategy for wealth accumulation. Investors benefit from scalability, enhanced cash flow, and tax advantages, while establishing robust, passive income channels.

Why Fairway Equities?

Partnering For Prosperity

Over the years, we have developed a system to deliver high quality institutional-grade real estate investment opportunities to our network of passive investors.

Partnering with us entrusts your aspirations to a team deeply committed to navigating your unique financial challenges toward achieving your goals. We understand the delicate balance required to manage stock market volatility while seeking stable, passive income. Our expertise is in devising investment strategies tailored to your vision of financial freedom. We simplify the complexities of real estate investment, converting your hard-earned equity into a flourishing portfolio. This ensures a rewarding journey to financial security and lifestyle enrichment, with a focus on making the process seamless and fulfilling.

Due Diligence Checklist

As a passive investor in syndications, how do you choose the right deal? Are you wondering what kind of due diligence you need to perform on the sponsor and the deal itself?

Click the link below to learn more and grab our FREE due diligence checklist.

Our Portfolio


  • Location: Gallatin, TN (Nashville MSA)
  • Units: 24
  • Property Class: B+
  • Property type: Value Add
  • Projected Hold Period: 2.75 Years
  • IRR: 40%
  • Equity Multiple: 2.43 x
  • Cash on Cash: 7.3%
  • Sold: June 2022


  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Units: 40
  • Property Class: B+
  • Property type: Value Add
  • Projected Hold Period: 5 Years
  • IRR: 16.4%
  • Equity Multiple: 2x
  • Cash on Cash: 8%
  • Sold: TBD


  • Location: B or better high growth market
  • Units: 20+
  • Property Class: C+ or better
  • Property type: Value Add
  • Projected Hold Period: 3-7 Years
  • IRR: 15%+
  • Equity Multiple: 2x
  • Cash on Cash: 7-10%
  • Sold: TBD

Viera at

  • Location: Savannah, GA
  • Units: 208
  • Property Class: B+
  • Property Type: Value Add
  • Projected Hold Period: 5 Years
  • IRR: 15%
  • Equity Multiple: 2x
  • Cash on Cash: 6.7%
  • Sold: TBD

Our Testimonials

As a seasoned investor with a diverse portfolio outside of real estate, I was truly impressed by Brian’s ability to understand and align the interests of all stakeholders involved in the investment. He was very straightforward in his underwriting analysis, thorough in the due diligence, prompt in all communications, managed any setbacks well, and never shied away from answering tough questions. I’m grateful my investment yielded success, and beyond the financial gains, I gained a wealth of positive experiences from Brian’s investment process. I eagerly look forward to future collaborations with him, exploring new and exciting real estate opportunities together.

Robert F.


Working with Brian as Co-General Partner on Fairview Commons Apartments was a positive experience for both of us. We were able to operate as a team while navigating a series of challenges, notably disruption to our initial business plan due to the pandemic. Brian’s experience and strategic skills played a key role in bringing our vision to life and his knowledge of the multifamily asset class gave him a unique perspective allowing us to identify ways in which to create value for our investors. I appreciate the professionalism, ease of collaboration, and shared success. I look forward to partnering with Brian on many more deals in the future!

Patrick I.

The Nashville Company

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